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Welcome Spring!

It has been a long cold Winter! I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived, and so quickly! I have been getting many messages about booking sessions, and people trying to find my photography page. I put my photography Facebook page on “suspend” as I decided to not book anymore future sessions. I know I had a number of people hoping to get a session once Spring came. I work full time as a teacher. I also have two kids of my own in basketball, girl guides, art etc.. I am left with very little free time! My time at home is very important to myself and my family. Unfortunately, I will not be taking pictures for anyone besides my own little family for the time being.

I have also been busy working on my own personal photography projects, and trying to manage to complete them. I have been writing for some amazing photography forums, and have been getting some of my work published. I have been published in 2 magazines, and 4 times with National Geographic One Shot. I still can't believe it! I also entered a world wide photography competition and one of my images was a finalist. It has been an exciting year so far!

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